We offer you a new opportunity to hire more quality employees.

Alexx Quality Work, a recruitment agency, offers you cooperation in searching and selecting employees, as well as consultation and preparation of a full package of documents for candidates' employment.

Over the past 5 years, we have found jobs for more than 5000 workers in factories and plants, and we continue to search for candidates and partners who are interested in hiring quality employees.

Our partners benefit from cooperation with us in the following ways:

• Compliance with the terms of the contract

• Timely and quality execution of orders

• Quick response to partner's changing needs

• Preservation of confidential information

We solve the task of finding workers quickly and economically. We conduct selection and preliminary training of employees, following the instructions and wishes of the client. We do not ask for or receive payment from candidates, we only provide truthful information.

Our team mainly works with candidates from Ukraine who reside in this country and those who are abroad. Many people in Ukraine have lost their jobs, so there is potential for finding motivated workers here. 

Alexx Quality Work employment agency performs the following functions:

  • Interview and acquaintance of the candidate with the conditions of work, housing, documents;
  • Selection of candidates according to the stated criteria;
  • Database formation;
  • Formation of a package of documents according to the requirements of the employer;
  • Organization of groups for departure to work from Ukraine;
  • Departure of a group of people - we provide a transfer. The transfer fee is paid by the employer.
  • Conducting negotiations with the customer;
  • Solving all issues that arise during cooperation.

Why do potential employees choose us? Because we try to offer the best possible conditions to the employee and the employer, who prefer to cooperate with us. The company Alexx Quality Work always receives positive feedback and recommendations from employees. Reputation is very important to us.

Thanks to the professionalism and daily work of the AQW team, we have quick access to the largest and widest range of employees by:

  • Age;
  • Profession;
  • Location.

We select workers for the following areas: 

Production (factories)
Hotels & Restaurants

We have been granted a license by the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine to provide employment services abroad. This electronic document with a digital signature has been posted on the ministry's website (QR code).

The agency is recognized as the best in Ukraine agency in the field of employment in Europe in 2022.

There is a link to an article about our company on the rating website.

The most important rewards for us are the experiences of our partners working with our agency. Here are a few reviews from recruitment agencies we work with.

The Alexx Quality Work team consists of HR managers, programming and internet marketing specialists. We find employees through social networks, recommendations from previous employees, and offline. We have developed a specially designed database and CRM system for Alexx Quality Work.

This is a photo of the top employees of our company, Alexx Quality Work. They are responsible for the development and training of other HR managers, as the team is constantly growing. Thanks to this, AQW has covered many cities in Ukraine and a large number of candidates.

The company Alexx Quality Work actively cooperates with such companies: AVEC TEAM CZ, s.r.o.; StarJobs KFT; Custom Work KFT; DKV-Industry KFT; HR- Direct; Viapan Group LLT; Niko Projekt Kft; Maxins People s.r.o.

We will be glad to help you with personnel selection and meet your needs in filling job vacancies.

Write to us on WhatsApp or Viber messenger using the phone number


We also look forward to hearing from you via email at

[email protected]


AQW Office:
Ukraine, 88000, Uzhhorod,
Kyryla i Mefodiya Sq. 5,
hotel «Intourist-Zakarpattya»

+380994768885 +380994877268 +380501464927 +380951000507 [email protected]

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